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All characters are owned by Yukie Nasu. This page is non-profit, non-anything... we'll be fortunate enough if people consider it interesting and worth it's KB. So don't sue. Really! But emails / comments are fine. We enjoy that!

If you're interested in posting your Greenwood fanfics, feel free to drop us a line! Domo! i only ask that it's not yaoi. ;) Sorry, but it just ain't my style. Thanks~! Joppo


No Strings Attached

Mitsuru has to come to some sort of understanding about his family... can he? Slight angst. Completed.
TWO Ame ga amaru - After the Rain
"Amayadori" talked about the first meeting of Shinobu and Mitsuru and how their chance meeting was like two wanderers taking shelter from the rain. So what happens after the rain...?

Spoilers Amayadori, manga vol. 5, holiday vol. 11. angst. Completed.

THREE (interlude) Here is Blue Waters / No Escape Hasukawa has finally departed from the clutches of Greenwood... has he finally found the university of his dreams and put the "terrors" of Greenwood behind him...? One shot. Humour. Completed.
FOUR Graduation
Exactly what it says. Set years later, Mitsuru and Shinobu reflect... WAFFy. Completed.
Adventures in Greenwood (One shots)
.Nothing at all Nagisa confesses her frustrations to Aunt Agony... One shot. Humour. Completed.
Kiss the Girl - Preview - A preview of next week's episode... "Kiss the Girl" Sneak preview.
Kiss the Girl
Shinobu's revenge - KTG epilogue
What happens when Shinobu and Mitsuru become victims in a story set by deranged fanfic authors...? Shinobu has to get his best friend to kiss a girl... any girl... unfortunately, it's not as easy as it sounds... authors sitting "above" trying to get the upper hand on Shinobu. Parody.Completed.

Home is where the heart is

[two] [three]
four five [end]  
Shinobu leaves unexpectedly, leaving the Greenwood gang confused. Angst. Complete!
Hashirigaki A Shun vignette as he considers his life and who he is. Whimsical, introspective vignette. Completed.
Someone has all the luck Mitsuru's problems hit an all new high. Who's been breaking into his room and stealing all his shirts?? Will he find the culprit in time before he is down to the last shirt? Or will he be forced to borrow clothing from Shinobu and the rest of Greenwood? Adventure. Humour.
Here is Fairytale Suka is sent by King Kazuhiro to rescue Queen Sumire from the clutches of an evil Warlock...(her cousin). Along the way, he meets up with warrior-hero Mitsuru, wizard Shun and other strange odd-ball characters... will they ever find Shinobu to show them the way...? Or will Nagisa get the better of them all? Adventure Parody. Involves (hopefully) entire cast of Greenwood.
Mel's Birthday Fic (interlude) Mel's birthday fic from Yen. ^__^ author self-insertion. Thanks Yen!
FICS by Chris
Perchance to Scream Will Suka's troubles ever end...? Humour. One shot.Completed.
Kazuya Unleashed The adventures of Hasukawa continues... ^__^ WAFFy, One shot.Completed.
A less than charmed life part 1 ... and continues... *beams* cross-over with Yu Yu Hakusho and Ruronin Kenshin. Unfinished
Winner ofJop/Yen's Shunfic competition! There's a party in Greenwood and truth and dare is involved...
WAFFy. One shot.Completed.


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